Welcome to Driftwood


The Mystery at the County Fair

Trixie and the gang investigate a mysterious red-haired girl,

who seems to be following them at the fair.



To All A Good Night††

Itís the night before Christmas Eve at the Moorings, but Jim canít seem to sleep.


Written as a Secret Santa giftfic for the fantabulous Susan.



Home for the Holidays

Even though heís surrounded by his family, Danís struggling with finding his Christmas spirit.


Written as a Secret Santa giftfic for the lovely Diana (TN Danfan).



A Quarter Moon on a Sunday Afternoon

This is Honeyís perspective on an afternoon spent by the Hudson River.



To Keep the Year Alive

On their way home for Christmas break, Brian and Mart encounter a snowstorm and a few other surprises.


Rated yellow star for lots of sexual innuendo and such, almost all of which is in part two!


Written for the annual Jix authorsí Secret Santa fanfic exchange for the amazing Vivian.



Itís Just a Fantasy

When one Bob-White tries to help another with a homework assignment,

there are surprising results.




A CWE # 6.Mart and Honeystar in several scenes of a BWG movie remake.

Can you guess the movie?



Snow Baby

Honey goes on a weekend shopping trip to Boston with her mother and aunt

just before Christmas and unexpected events ensue.


Written for the 2013 Jix authorsí Secret Santa fanfic exchange for the lovely and talented Bonnie.




Driving Miss Trixie

(Currently unavailable but coming soon!)

Trixie aces her driverís test, but things go downhill quickly from there!



Breaking Murphyís Law

For Jixís Sixth Anniversary, I joined with an extremely talented group of writers

(Anna, Pat K, and Steph H) to write the Team Brian story.


Iím not sure of the official rating, but Iím going with yellow star for lots of fun innuendo and such!



The Gameís Afoot!

When I was invited to dip my toes in Susanís awesome Treasury of Coins Universe, I naturally jumped at the chance.

A great group of writers and I wrote chapters in a story roughly based on the Clue game.

I strongly recommend that you read the whole story, which you can access by clicking the starfish below.

Itís a fun, well-written story and wonít make much sense if you start at my chapter, which is near the end!

But if you insist on doing things backwards ;), my chapter is here.



Thereís No Place Like Jix†††

IFor Jixemitriís Fifth Anniversary, many authors wrote chapters for a group story.

Click on the starfish below for the index page, or you can find my chapter here.