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This is a Trixie Belden fan fiction site.The stories on this site are rated for content using the Jixemitri rating system.Click here for an explanation of this system.Some of the stories will be passworded, as they were intended for a mature reader.If you are over 18 and would like the password, you can email Jixemitri for it.




Making Waves

This is my main universe.So far, the Bob-Whites are still teenagers in it, but as most readers know, they already know how to make waves, in Sleepyside and beyond!




Once Upon A Dream


This universe follows the lives of Matthew Wheeler and Madeline Hart from the time they first meet.






This non-universe has a little bit of everything thatís drifted up on the beach at The Moorings, such as stand-alone stories, group projects, driftwood and sea glass.



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