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If youíve come to my site looking for Trixie and Jim smush, you wonít find much here.There are so many other writers who do that better than I do, and itís just not what interests me.However, I am fairly traditional in my thinking (not completely, but mostly ;) ), and I do like to give all the Bob-White couples their own time in the sun.

Overall, though, my writing tends to focus on Honey, Brian, Mart, The Wheelers, the parents (including Win and Katie), and Miss Trask, to name a few.†† I do like to mix it up, but to me, characterization is the most important ingredient in good writing, and I try to remain true to JCís original characters, as well as my own.Once in a while Iíll attempt a mystery, and I do like to put some romance and humor into my stories.Hopefully youíll like what you read here, but if itís not your cup of tea, I definitely will not be insulted!



About Me

Born in Boston, Iíve lived on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, for most of my life. I have two children; my daughter Caroline is (yikes!) almost 21 and my son Caleb is 18, and I also have a lovable cocker spaniel, Stuart.After working as a travel agent for most of my adult life, I decided to go back and finish college as anÖahemÖmore mature student.I finally graduated with a B.S. in Psychology, and now I work for Head Start as a Family Worker.



About Trixie and Me

When I was in 5th Grade, I was a confirmed fan of (gasp!) that other, titian-haired detective. For Christmas, a close family friend bought me two Trixies, ďThe Mysterious CodeĒ and ďThe Mystery off Glen RoadĒ because she knew I loved mysteries but wasnít sure which series I liked. I am ashamed to admit that I was disappointed when I opened them because I was really looking for NDs. Still, I started them right away and was definitely hooked! I read them well into my teens, but had all but forgotten about them when I took a couple of Annaís Trixie Belden quizzes on It had been years since I had thought about Miss Rachelís dragon box, Jimís fond looks, or Danís wood-chopping. (Thanks, Anna!) I took my falling-apart Trixie Belden books from the bookcase, dusted them off, and started reading them again. Then I started wondering if there were any Trixie Belden websites. Doing a search, I found Zapís Trixie Belden Homepage, and was amazed by how active the site was and by all the wonderful fanfic. Itís a miracle I did any studying during the last few weeks of school because all I wanted to do was read fanfic. The other Mary C. (my evil twin Skippy*g*) told me about Jix, and the rest, as they say, was history (Thanks, Mary!).



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